Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems
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Fifteenth SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting

March 20-24, 2023


The SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting provides technical oversight of all SPC work in the field of fisheries and aquaculture, as well as an opportunity to discuss in detail topics of special interest. It covers both of SPC's Fisheries Programmes: Oceanic and Coastal. The Heads of Fisheries meeting is intended to cover the entire range of work of national and territorial fisheries administrations.

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HoF15 outcomes

pdf: 300 KB

(update: 27 March)

Working papers

WP1: Results reporting against FAME Business Plan 2022 - 2027pdf: pdf

WP2: Future arrangements for SPC Heads of Fisheries meeting pdf: pdf

WP3: SPC FAME priorities and emerging work areas in 2023 pdf: pdf

WP4: Supporting members to review regional fisheries policies - The Future of Fisheries:
A Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries, and,
The New Song for Coastal Fisheries: Noumea Strategy pdf: pdf

WP5: Update on the Regional Aquatic Biosecurity Framework pdf: pdf

WP6: Transforming aquaculture in the region through the Pacific Regional Aquaculture Strategy pdf: pdf

WP7: Update on key regional climate change projects pdf: pdf

WP8: Reports from the Fifth Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture
and from the Second Community-Based Fisheries Dialogue pdf: pdf

Country statements

CS: American Samoa statement pdf: pdf

CS: Cook Islands statement pdf: pdf

CS: Fiji statement pdf: pdf

CS: Kiribati statement pdf: pdf

CS: Marshall Islands pdf: pdf

CS: Nauru statement pdf: pdf

CS: Declaration de la Nouvelle-Caledonie pdf: pdf

CS: Palau statement pdf: pdf

CS: Papua New Guinea statement pdf: pdf

CS: Declaration de Polynesie francaise pdf: pdf

CS: Samoa statement pdf: pdf

CS: Solomon Islands statement pdf: pdf

CS: Tonga statement pdf: pdf

CS: Tuvalu statement pdf: pdf

CS: Declaration des Iles Wallis et Futuna pdf: pdf

Information papers

IP1: Progress against the 14th SPC Heads of Fisheries outcomes and the 3rd Regional Fisheries
Ministers Meeting pdf: pdf

IP2: Assessment of climate change vulnerability of Pacific Ocean resources - 10-year update pdf: pdf

IP3: Introduction to SPC's Climate Change Flagship pdf: pdf

IP4: A study of the benefits from fisheries in the region pdf: pdf

IP5: Update of SPC Flagship Food Systems Programme pdf: pdf

IP6: Update on SPC FAME Member Request Management System pdf: pdf

IP7: Empowering observers: Offline Longline Observer app pdf: pdf

IP8: SPC FAME Tools - Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Programme pdf: pdf

IP9: Update on the review of Coastal Fisheries Report Card indicators pdf: pdf

IP10: Update on PCCOS and the SPC Ocean Flagship pdf: pdf

IP11: Pacific Islands Ocean Acidification Centre: Building monitoring capacity in the Pacific Region pdf: pdf

IP12: Cancelled

IP13: Pacific maritime boundaries status update pdf: pdf

IP14: Cancelled

IP15: Implementation of SPC Strategic Plan 2022-2031 through SPC FAME Business Plan
2022-2027 pdf: pdf

IP16: Advancing gender equality at SPC through a flagship programme pdf: pdf

IP17: Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme (PFLP)
New offering: Consulting Services to facilitate change pdf: pdf

IP18: The Oceanic Fisheries Management Project III - A Project overview and opportunities pdf: pdf

IP19: Towards improved governance, management, and sustainability of the demersal line
fishery in Tonga pdf: pdf

IP20: Draft terms of reference: Oversight Committee for SPC-FAME Climate Change Initiatives
fishery in Tonga pdf: pdf

Background papers

BP1: Outcomes of the Fourteenth SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting (HOF14)pdf: 300 KB pdf

BP2a: Outcomes and actions report from the 5th SPC Regional Technical Meeting
on Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculturepdf: pdf

BP2b: Outcomes and actions report from the 2nd Community Based Fisheries Dialoguepdf: pdf

BP3: SPC FAME Business Plan 2022-2027pdf: 3 MB pdf

BP4: A study of the benefits from fisheries in the region (Newsletter article)pdf: 200 KB pdf

BP6: Statement of outcomes from the Third Regional Fisheries Ministers Meeting (RFMM3),
Tarawa (HOF14)pdf: pdf

BP7: A new song for coastal fisheries- pathways to change: The Noumea strategypdf: pdf

BP8: Future of fisheries: A regional roadmap for sustainable Pacific fisheriespdf: 842 KBpdf

Informal papers

HOF15 - Participants feedback survey resultspdf: pdf

HOF15 - Agendapdf: pdf

Meeting procedures for HOF15pdf: pdf

List of participants to HOF15pdf: pdf

HOF15 - Meeting announcementpdf: pdf

PowerPoint presentations

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