Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems
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Seventh SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting

and Steering Committee Meetings for EU Funded Regional Fisheries Projects

28 February to 4 March 2011



Seventh SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting (1–4 March 2011)


Meeting outcomes


Presentations made during the Conference (click here)

Press releases issued during the Conference

7th SPC Head of Fisheries meeting: climate change at the forefront

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Climate change may halve Pacific Islands' coastal fish catches

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Informal Papers

Annotated HOF7 Draft Agenda


List of participants


Working Papers

WP 1 - Director's overview of SPC's Division of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems


WP 2 - Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division annual report 2010


WP 3 - Consideration of topics for Issue Specific National Reports (ISNRs)


WP 4 - Outputs based budget and sustainable funding requirements for the FAME Division


WP 5 - Briefing document of the status of maritime boundaries in Pacific Island Countries


WP 6 - Aquaculture and biodiversity - Developing principles for aquaculture of introduced species


WP 7 - The need for sustainable management of coral reef fish spawning aggregations


WP 8 - Proposed Master degree program in oceanic fisheries management


Information Papers

IP 1 - Key outcomes and recommendations from a Regional Workshop on Approaches to the Implementation and Monitoring of Community-based Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (CEAFM); Noumea, 29 November to 3 December 2010


IP 2 - Review of outcomes of the informal consultation with Heads of Fisheries in May 2010 and the Heads of Fisheries 6 in February 2009


IP 3 - Assessing the vulnerability of fisheries and aquaculture in the tropical Pacific to climate change – an update


IP 4 - Strengthening aquatic animal health management capabilities in Pacific Island Countries and Territories


IP 5 - Regional Scoping Workshop: Development of a Pacific aquaculture regional cooperative programme


IP 6 - Regional Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) - Project for selected Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs)


IP 7 - Amended terms of reference for the ICRI Ad Hoc Committee on Coral Reef Associated Fisheries


SciCOFish First Steering Committee Meeting (Monday 28 February 2011, 8:00–11:45)

SciCOFish SC1 Provisional Agenda


Short description of the SciCOFish Project


SciCOFish - Year 1 Progress Report and Year 2 Work Plan


SciCOFish - 2010 work plan and cost estimate


SciCOFish - Report of the first Steering Committee Meeting


DevFish2 First Steering Committee Meeting (Monday 28 February 2011, 12:45–16.00)

DevFish2 PSCM1 Proposed Agenda


DevFish2 PSCM1 - List of participants


DevFish2 - Year 1 Cost estimate and financial report


DevFish2 - Summary Project outline


DevFish2 - Financing agreement (NO. REG/FED/2009/021-392) - Cost estimate (Total project - 4 years)


DevFish2 - PSCM1: Record of discussions


SciFish 4th Advisory Committee Meeting (Monday 28 February 2011, 18.00–20.00)

SciFish PSC4 Agenda


SciFish Year 3 Annual Report and Provisional 2011 Work Plan and Cost Estimate (1 January 2011 – 31 December 2011)


SciFish Mid-term review, October–November 2010 (Executive summary)


SciFish - PSC4: Summary report


Information about SPC's Heads of Fisheries Meetings

The SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting is part of SPC's corporate governance structure. SPC's main governing councils, the biennial Conference of the Pacific Community and the annual Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA), are the ultimate decision-making bodies for the organisation and decide the strategic direction, annual work-programme and budget. However, SPC is large compared to other Pacific Island regional organisations, and its work-programme covers a number of different sectors. CRGA obtains advice from several sectoral specialist councils, and the Heads of Fisheries meeting is one of these.

The Heads of Fisheries meeting covers both of SPC's Fisheries Programmes: Oceanic and Coastal. It has historically placed more emphasis on Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP) business than the Oceanic Fisheries Programme (OFP) because the work of the OFP is also guided by several other regional meetings involving member countries, including the Scientific Committee for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and the Forum Fisheries Committee. However, HoF is the conduit through which any consensus formal recommendations of SPC member country fisheries specialists reach the SPC CRGA, which itself governs the entire work programme, including both OFP and CFP.

HoF also remains the only opportunity for Pacific Island fisheries heads to generally discuss domestic and reef fisheries issues and problems together, and to provide essential feedback to the direction of the SPC Coastal Fisheries Programme. Although the CFP convenes occasional specialist meetings, such as recent meetings on coastal fisheries management and aquaculture, these are to advise on special topics, and only take place at irregular intervals. The Heads of Fisheries meeting is intended to cover the entire range of work of national and territorial fisheries administrations. It may even discuss issues outside the current range of the SPC work-programme, and this "big-picture" view of fisheries is essential for longer-term planning and is also of considerable assistance to other agencies, regional NGOs and donors interested in national as well as regional issues.

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