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Supporting Fisheries Development Officers Training PDF Print E-mail

SPC EU-DevFish
project contributed its support to the convening of the regional practical safety and fishing course for Pacific Islands fisheries development and extension officers at the Vanuatu Maritime College (VMC) in Santo, Vanuatu. 14 national participants attended this course. The EU DevFish project funded the airfare of 9 national participants to this training.


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Contributing to Food Security during Climate Change Duress PDF Print E-mail

SPC FAME Director handing over FAD materials to Director of Fisheries, and Chairman of the Vanuatu National Fishermen Association, Mr. Eric P. Festa


October 2015

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Solar Power refit feasibility assessment on outer island Fisheries Centres


A technical  assessment of an outer island fisheries centre (case study) evaluating the alternate power sources and providing both technical and economic feasibilities.


A guiding information to support individual national government and national/local authorities in their plans in seeking and securing support for the installation of the recommended solar power option. 


 - Nukulaelae, Tuvalu

 - Butaritari, Kiribati


March 2014

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Observer Electronic reporting on-board tuna purse seine fishing vessels:


Summary of trials conducted in the Federated States

of Micronesia and the Republic of Marshall Islands


February 2014

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Engine fuel consumption information cards

October 2013

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Timor Leste Artisanal FAD development - Atauro Island

atauro_reportJuly 2013

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Strategies to enhance PITIA and National Fishing Industry Associations’ viability and impact on fisheries development

pitia_publicationPrepared for the Secretariat of the Pacific CommunityFunded by DevFISH II

June 2012

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 The FAO brochure on FAD translated in Tetum for Timor Leste by DevFish2



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DevFish2 brochure

brochure_photoThe Pacific Ocean is a vast resource teeming with marine life, including one of the most lucrative – tuna. However, many Pacific Island countries are yet to realize the full value of sustainable development of their tuna.


Pacific Island countries caught around $600 million worth of tuna while foreign fishing fleets caught $2 billion in 2008. Less than 10 % of tuna is processed locally in the region reducing the potential value of tuna caught in the region.


How can we change this? See DevFish2 brochure.

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DevFish2 newsletter - Issue #2

newsletter_2End of June 2011 marks the first six months of the project and concluded the inception activities. The focus of activities was primarily staff recruitment, procurement of office equipment and allocation of work space and associated in-house administration and preparation at both FFA and SPC. Following these preliminary activities, project then commenced comprehensive stakeholders consultations phase with stakeholders, identifying needs and prioritizing them for the first substantive work program to be commenced in July 2011.



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DevFish2 Newsletter-Issue #1

newsletter1_devfish2After a 12 months period of transition, the EU funded DEVFISH project is back on line in its second phase. Through this newsletter we wish to bring you up to date with the DevFish2 work and also invite your comment and feedback on its activities. We intend to provide a newsletter every two months and encourage you to share these with your colleagues or people and organizations who would be interested in the activities of the project.


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