Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems




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Oceanic Fisheries program (OFP): in charge of Component 1


Fisheries Monitoring Section 


Observer Support and Development Coordinator

Peter Sharples

Observer Training and Support Officer

Siosifa Fukofuka 


Data Management Section 


Fisheries Data Audit Officer

Andrew Hunt


Stock Assessment and Modelling Section 


Fisheries Information Technology Officer

Fabrice Bouyé

Fisheries Scientist (Bioeconomic Modelling)

Alex Tidds

Fisheries Scientist (National Scientific Support)

Steven Hare


Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) Fisheries Development 


Fisheries Economist

Roseti Imo

Coastal Fisheries Program (CFP): in charge of Component 2


Coastal Fisheries Science and Management Section 


Reef Fisheries Information Manager

Franck Magron

Fisheries Scientist (finfish)

Bradley Moore

Fisheries Scientist (invertebrates)

Kalo Pakoa

FAME management: SciCOFish coordination and results dissemination

Project Administration and Communications Officer

Anne Lefeuvre

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