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SciCOFish productions  

pdf_VerySmall     Final Report
pdf_VerySmall     Year 5 progress report
pdf_VerySmall     PIRFO training videos
pdf_VerySmall     Assessing Tropical Marine Invertebrates: a manual for Pacific Islands Resource Managers
pdf_VerySmall    The status of sea cucumber fisheries and resources and management for Palau
pdf_VerySmall     Solomon Islands sea cucumber ressource status and recommendations for management
pdf_VerySmall     The status of sea cucumber fisheries and resources in Vanuatu
pdf_VerySmall     The status of green snail (Turbo marmoratus) resource in Vanuatu and recommendations for its management
pdf_VerySmall    The status of sea cucumber resources and fisheries management in Fiji
pdf_VerySmall    The status of sea cucumber resources and recommendations for management in Samoa
pdf_VerySmall    The status of sea cucumber resources - at Aitutaki, Mangaia, Palmerston and Rarotonga, Cook Islands
pdf_VerySmall    Status report: Pacific Islands reef and nearshore fisheries and aquaculture
pdf_VerySmall    Wawata Topu - Mermaids of Timor Leste video
pdf_VerySmall    Careers for women and men in the tuna industry brochure
pdf_VerySmall    The fisheries Observer: a career for women and men in the fisheries industry
pdf_VerySmall    Policy brief: Balancing the needs - Industrial versus artisanal tuna fisheries
pdf_VerySmall    Identification cards for marine invertebrates surveys in the Pacific Islands
pdf_VerySmall    Guia as folhas informativas sobre gestao das pescas para comunidades
pdf_VerySmall    Hook, line and tuna video
pdf_VerySmall    Trocchus poster
pdf_VerySmall    Safety checklist for underwater survey work
pdf_VerySmall    Deep blue video
pdf_VerySmall    Guide and information sheets on fisheries management for communities (2011-2012-2013)
pdf_VerySmall    Report "Gender in Oceanic and Coastal Fisheries Science and Management"
pdf_VerySmall    Brochure "Pacific women's participation in fisheries science and management

SciCOFish contributions

pdf_VerySmall    Purse-seine fish ID cards for Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observers 
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°144
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°143
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°142
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°141
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°140
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°139
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°138
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°137
pdf_VerySmall    Marine species identification manual for horizontal longline fishermen (re-edition 2012)
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°136
pdf_VerySmall    Tuna Fisheries status of stocks
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°135 
pdf_VerySmall    Fisheries Newsletter n°134


Project documents  

pdf_VerySmall    Assessment of the development impact of the SciCOFish invertebrate work in Cook Islands and Vanuatu
pdf_VerySmall    SciCOFish monitoring report (2013)
pdf_VerySmall    SciCOFish mid term evaluation (2013)
pdf_VerySmall    SciCOFish monitoring report (2012)
pdf_VerySmall    SciCOFish concept note (2010)
pdf_VerySmall    SciCOFish Contribution Agreement (2010)


Annual reports and workplans  

pdf_VerySmall   Year 4 progress report and Year 5 work plan (2013)
pdf_VerySmall   Year 3 progress report and Year 4 work plan (2012)
pdf_VerySmall   Grant and procurement 2012 contracts
pdf_VerySmall   Year 2 progress report and Year 3 work plan (2011)
pdf_VerySmall   Year 1 progress report and Year 2 work plan (2010)
pdf_VerySmall   SciCOFish 2010 Work Plan


Steering committee meeting reports 

pdf_VerySmall   2015 Steering Committee report
pdf_VerySmall   2014 Steering Committee report
pdf_VerySmall   2013 Steering Committee report
pdf_VerySmall   2012 Steering Commitee report
pdf_VerySmall   2011 Steering Commitee report               



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