Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems
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9th SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting

and related project meetings
6–12 March 2015

The SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting provides technical oversight of all SPC work in the field of fisheries and aquaculture, as well as an opportunity to discuss in detail topics of special interest. It covers both of SPC's Fisheries Programmes: Oceanic and Coastal.

The Heads of Fisheries meeting is intended to cover the entire range of work of national and territorial fisheries administrations.


Final meeting outcomes



Powerpoint Presentations

Working papers

WP1: Proposed changes to the FAME Strategic Plan Objectives and Resultspdf: pdf

WP2: The Apia Policy — Where to from here?pdf: pdf

WP3: Deepwater snapper: Towards improved stock assessments and managementpdf: pdf

WP4: A new song for coastal fisheries: Pathways to changepdf: pdf

WP5: Standardising data collection and management for Pacific Island coastal fisheries
and aquaculturepdf: pdf

WP6: Long-term strategy for observer training and support to the regionpdf: pdf

WP7: National IMS and E-Reporting: Current status and future planspdf: pdf

WP8: How FAME disseminates informationpdf: pdf

WP9: The Integrated Approach to Programme Developmentpdf: pdf

WP10: SSF Guidelines endorsed... What are the next steps?pdf: pdf

WP11: Status of maritime boundaries in Pacific Island countriespdf: pdf

WP12: Ocean issues and the office of the Pacific Ocean Commissionerpdf: pdf

WP13: Increasing Pacific Island participation in oceanic fisheries stock assessmentpdf: pdf

WP14: Towards a data sharing policy for survey and monitoring data collected and/or stored
by the SPC Coastal Fisheries Programme on behalf of member countriespdf: pdf

Information papers

IP1: Meeting arrangementspdf: pdf

IP2: Provisional list of participantspdf: pdf

IP3: Outcomes from the HoF8 meeting with progress against each outcomepdf: pdf

IP4: FAME Programme report 2013–2014pdf: pdf

IP5: FAME Draft work plan 2015–2016pdf: pdf

IP6: The western and central Pacific tuna fishery: 2013 overview and status of stockspdf: pdf

SciCOFish Presentations and Documents

SciCOFish Year 5 Progress Reportpdf: pdf

SciCOFish Fourth Steering Committee Reportpdf: pdf

Concept Note for an EDF11 Projectpdf: pdf

Informal documents

HoF9 Group pictureLink to the picture pdf

Final Agendapdf: pdf

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