Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems
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The second RTMCF meeting has been arranged to carry forward the work and momentum generated from the first meeting, and aims to address some specific outcomes as agreed by representatives at the Tenth Heads of Fisheries Meeting held in Noumea in March 2017.

The overarching theme is to discuss and address some of the main issues affecting coastal fisheries in support of better resource management, equitable access to resources and the safety of fishers.

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Action Plan



Information papers

IP1: A strong and coordinated approach to coastal fisheries managementthe big picturepdf: pdf

IP2: Coastal Fishery Report Card 2018pdf: pdf

IP3: Progress in the implementation of RTMCF1 Action Planpdf: pdf

IP4: SPC initiatives in small-boat sea safety Past, current and futurepdf: pdf

IP5: Current status of sea cucumber fisheries, management approaches and compliancepdf: pdf

IP6: Status of aquatic biosecurity in the Pacific Regionpdf: pdf

Informal documents

RTMCF2 participant feedback survey resultspdf: pdf

Agendapdf: pdf

List of participantspdf: pdf

Gender Session: Case Study 1 for working groupspdf: pdf

Gender Session: Case Study 2 for working groupspdf: pdf

RTMCF2 Powerpoint presentations

PEUMP Inception Workshop summary of discussions and Powerpoint presentations

Summary of discussionspdf: pdf

Documents for the third Coastal Fisheries Working Group(CFWG)meeting

Minutes of the third Meeting of the Coastal Fisheries Working Group (CFWG3) pdf: pdf

Membership, roles and responsibilities of the CFWGpdf: pdf

Minutes of the First Coastal Fisheries Working Group meetingpdf: pdf

Minutes of the Second Coastal Fisheries Working Group meetingpdf: pdf

Discussion Paper on regional implementation/activity plan for the CFWG/New Songpdf: pdf

Political support for increasing the sustainable returns for communities and national
governments from sea cucumber fisheriespdf: pdf

A review of sea cucumber fisheries and management in Melanesiapdf: pdf

Terms of reference for the Task force on coastal fisheries law and policypdf: pdf

Urgent steps required for increasing and sustaining the contribution
of coastal fisheries to our communitiespdf: pdf

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