Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems
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Outcomes and
Agreed Action Plan



RTMCF3 Information papers

IP1: Coastal fisheries and aquaculture – Regional governance framework,
information flow and decision-makingpdf: pdf

IP2: Coastal fisheries report card - 2019 updatepdf: pdf

IP3: Progress implementing previous RTMCF action planspdf: pdf

IP4: Evolution of fisheries data collection processes and procedures: responding to country needspdf: pdf

IP5: Regional Action Plan on Aquatic Biosecurity – issues and challengespdf: pdf

IP6: Scaling-up community-based fisheries managementpdf: pdf

MCS&E Workshop Information and Working papers

WIP1: Background information on coastal fisheries and aquaculture
monitoring control surveillance and enforcementpdf: pdf

WIP2: Use of administrative penalties in coastal fisheries and aquaculturepdf: pdf

WIP3: MCS&E data collection and storagepdf: pdf

WWP1: Potential compliance issues in coastal fisheries and aquaculturepdf: pdf

WWP2: Undertaking a simple compliance risk assessmentpdf: pdf

RTMCF3 Informal documents

List of participantspdf: pdf

Agendapdf: pdf

RTMCF3 group pictureLink to the picture (2 Mb)

RTMCF3 Powerpoint presentations

The Third Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries is supported by the Australian Government

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