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Sea safety waterproof phone pouches promoted as incentive for data collection

phone_pouchesThe SPC/DevFish project contributed some waterproof mobile phone pouches and project T-shirts to the Palau coastal FAD monitoring programme as prizes to encourage fishermen to gather data.


Mobile phones have become available to everyone and it has been realised that this portable gadget can play a critical role as a sea safety tool. However, the majority of fishermen do not carry their phones with them  because they are worried about sea water damaging them and are also afraid they might drop them in the sea.



To overcome fishermen's worries and enable effective utilisation of mobile phones for sea safety, DevFish2 is promoting the use of waterproof mobile phone pouches.


Thirty-two pouches were provided to the Palau coastal FAD monitoring programme after the completion of a workshop in September 2013 on gathering data that will indicate how effective the FADs are.


For further information on the project activity or EU-funded DevFish2 project contact Jonathan Manieva

Last Updated on Friday, 29 November 2019 11:44