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brochure_photoThe DevFish2 project overall objective is to increase the contribution from the sustainable use of highly migratory marine resources, particularly tuna, to the alleviation of poverty in Pacific states. It promotes the establishment of a more favourable policy environment for tuna industry development in Pacific countries, including the small scale component. It will provide direct assistance to small and medium enterprises in the sector as well as artisanal fishers and also build a region-wide IUU deterrence strategy, utilising the results of initial monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) studies in building robust and cost-effective regional capabilities to combat IUU fishing. Read more.


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The reference documents concerning the DevFish first phase are available here.

Local fishers receive training on Eua Island, Tonga

Members of the Eua Island Fishermen Association in Tonga recently received training in practical skills and awareness on nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs). The workshop trained the fishers on constructing and deploying nearshore FADs for their artisanal fishing needs.

Support for the training workshop was provided through the Development of Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific ACP Countries Phase II (DEVFISH2) project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

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Support to expand trials on observer E-reporting and E-monitoring

 There is now considerable discussion among tuna fisheries management stakeholders to develop and implement electronic reporting and electronic monitoring tools. These tools will enable greater traceability and more effective monitoring and management to support the sustainable utilisation of tuna resources.


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SPC/DevFish2 supports the Pacific tuna industry

pitiaThe SPC/DevFish2 project provided fiscal funding of USD 44,000 in August 2013 to support the Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association (PITIA) work programme for the next 12 months.


PITIA has played a crucial role in representing Pacific Island tuna industries. The programme has engaged in regional and international consultative processes to ensure that the interests and inputs of the private sector, as key stakeholders in industry development and resources management in the Pacific region, are taken into account.

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Sea safety waterproof phone pouches promoted as incentive for data collection

phone_pouchesThe SPC/DevFish project contributed some waterproof mobile phone pouches and project T-shirts to the Palau coastal FAD monitoring programme as prizes to encourage fishermen to gather data.


Mobile phones have become available to everyone and it has been realised that this portable gadget can play a critical role as a sea safety tool. However, the majority of fishermen do not carry their phones with them  because they are worried about sea water damaging them and are also afraid they might drop them in the sea.

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