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DevFish2 holds its 1st roundtable technical consultation

pic_tarawasmallThe DevFish2 project’s first roundtable technical planning and coordination consultation between the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) was held on 28 May in Nadi, Fiji. The activity matrix was further reviewed and updated with priorities identified from stakeholder consultations and direct requests from countries in the region. The updated activity matrix now forms the first substantive annual work plan 2011/12.


Since the inception of the project, FFA and SPC have been cooperating in the development of a project activity matrix, summarising activity outlines and priorities as identified in project consultations.

This activity matrix was reviewed and amended at the Project Steering Committee Meeting that was held in February this year, and has subsequently been amended throughout the project planning period to take into account the priorities identified in each project result area. A number of consultative country visits have been undertaken by project staff as part of activity planning. This has included visits to Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa and Kiribati. In addition to scheduled SPC and FFA meetings, other consultations have taken place, such as the SPC Heads of Fisheries meeting in February in Noumea and the Officials Annual Forum Fisheries Committee meeting in Apia, Samoa in May.


This project planning and coordination consultation was held somewhat later than originally planned, but it was timely, as the first year inception work plan focused on the project’s initial stakeholder consultations to identify needs and prioritise project initiatives for planning and implementation in the subsequent second year work programme.


The project team and additional FFA and SPC personnel from relevant divisions were involved in the Roundtable Technical Consultation. This regular FFA/SPC consultation will continue for the planning and coordination process. The next quarterly project management and coordination meeting is scheduled to take place in September/October 2011.


For more information, please contact Jonathan Manieva, Fisheries Development Officer.

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