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DevFish2 project continues support for capacity building in small scale tuna fisheries


fad_pictureThere is continuing interest in Pacific Island countries and territories in strengthening capacity in the area of small scale artisanal tuna fishing. One way to do so is through the wider deployment of nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs). The DevFish2 project (Development of Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in Pacific ACP Countries – Phase 2) continues to support such capacity-building efforts in this area.


Funding from the DevFish2 project allowed the President of the Cook Islands Fishing Association, Mark Vaikai, to attend the Second International Symposium on Tuna Fisheries and Fish Aggregating Devices, held in Papeete from 29 November to 2 December 2011.



The Cook Islands Fishing Association has identified deployment of nearshore FADs and FAD associated fishing as a priority area for capacity development.


The FAD conference provided good practical ideas that can be readily applied in Cook Islands for the benefit of local fishers. At the end of the conference, Mr Vaikai commented: ‘The conference has given us valuable information on all facets of this fishing aid. This included a range of designs for construction and management of FAD equipment. I appreciated one other important aspect covered at the conference which was the information on socio-economic impacts of this fishing practice.’


At the conference SPC’s Nearshore Fisheries Development Section highlighted the need for data collection to assist in undertaking cost/benefit and cost effectiveness assessments to give a true picture of monetary gain and social returns resulting from the capital investments into these fishing aids.


Other important topics discussed at the conference included the need for establishment of guidelines for local users to minimise conflict while fishing at FADs.


Upon my return to Cook Islands our immediate priority will be to pursue the development and establishment of FAD management rules in collaboration with the Ministry of Marine Resources before further development work on actual construction and deployment of FADs around Cook Islands progresses,’ Mr Vaikai stated.



Photo : Participants at the FAD Conference, Papeete, December 2011.


For more information, please contact Jonathan Manieva, SPC Fisheries Develoment Officer.

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