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DevFish2 project activities reviewed by project steering committee

The annual meeting of the DevFish2 project oversight committee was convened on 12 May, coinciding with the 8th Ministerial Forum Fisheries Committee (FFC) Meeting in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.


The project oversight committee consists of representatives from all Pacific–ACP countries and Timor Leste, with the Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association representing the private sector. Timor Leste and the European Union were unable to attend this session. The committee provides project implementation direction for DevFish2.


The project team leader reported on the status of activities for the year and current progress under the different components of the project.



There was general consensus from committee members that the implementation of the annual work programme was well within the workplan and schedule. The committee acknowledged the flexibility of the project process in its support to both national and subregional efforts in industry development and to the second component of deterring IUU fishing in the region.


The committee reviewed activities still outstanding in the annual work programme and recommended that where valid, these should form part of the planned activities for the next annual work programme.


According to the representative from Nauru, “The reporting format and the way in which the work plan was presented is easily understood and also clearly sets out what has been achieved to date and what is in the pipeline. This is very useful and must be maintained.”


The meeting records of the oversight committee were presented to the FFC, which congratulated the project on the scope of the work that has been successfully implemented to date and also endorsed the DevFish2 project report as presented.


The project’s 3rd annual work programme runs from July 2012 to June 2013.


For more information, please contact Jonathan Manieva, Fisheries Development Officer


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