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SPC/DevFish2 project provides sea-safety grab-bags for Papua New Guinea fishers

bags4_art2Thirty small-craft sea-safety grab-bags were presented to the Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) by the SPC/DevFish2 project. The EU-funded project focuses on assisting with small-scale fisheries development and acknowledges that safety at sea for small-scale artisanal fishers is a critical priority, especially for the 15 maritime provinces in the country.



Many lives have been lost at sea in Papua New Guinea maritime areas due to bad weather, ignorance and negligence of boat operators in not having basic safety equipment on board. PNG NMSA is placing emphasis on the importance of protecting lives at sea and the need for simple safety precautions.


The authority is in the process of introducing the Papua New Guinea Small Craft Act 2010, which regulates vessels of ten metres and less in length, due to the increasing number of accidents occurring at sea. This act provides for the safety of persons using small craft and includes standards for the construction, registration and operation of small craft. Under this legislation, small craft operators will be required by law to have minimal safety training and a range of safety equipment on board their craft.


The SPC/DevFish2 project is providing this small injection of support to enhance NMSA’s capacity, because they have a regular provincial programme of awareness and training, with their primary target being small-boat operators and sea farers.


NMSA project officer, Peter Bell said, 'These grab-bag safety kits will be distributed to maritime provincial safety officers to assist with their training and awareness activities, as well as assist the officers to comply with the new safety equipment requirements when travelling on small craft themselves.'


This timely injection of support will assist NMSA in their current roll-out programme of the act in all 15 maritime provinces of the country. 'During this roll-out exercise, the grab bag kit of individual life-saving safety equipment will be promoted to the coastal communities as a cost-effective means for to improve safety and comply with the law,' commented Mr Chris Rupen, NMSA’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.


The grab bag kits include rescue laser lights (replacing flares), sea anchors, a portable GPS, life-jackets, a mirror, a whistle and a water proof mobile phone pouch.


For further information please contact Jonathan Manieva

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