Pêche, Aquaculture et Ecosystèmes Marins


The course was initiated by the Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources through Ms Pamela Maru. Late last year, Ms Maru requested SPC to train Samoan nationals with the aim of employing them to cover some of the longliners that fish in Cook Island’s waters and that are based in Pagopago, American Samoa. French Polynesia also requested SPC to train some of their people to cover their longline fleets.


In the end it was decided that a sub-regional course for Samoa, Cook Islands and French Polynesia would be carried out early in 2011.


The Cook Island Ministry of Marine Resources also agreed to fund most of the expenses incurred at this course. The SciCOFish project funded SPC’s staff travel.


For more information, please contact Siosifa Fukofuka, SPC’s Observer Training and Support Officer.






Participants to the training course

Standing, left to right: Benaia Bauro (Kiribati), Trinilobe Kea (Cook Islands), Tagi Patau (Samoa), David Tokoragi (French Polynesia), Moenanu Raoulx (French Polynesia), Laurent Svaurc (French Polynesia), Siliato Faameo (Samoa) Ken Konefenenisi (Samoa), Tala Maiava, (Samoa), Atapana Tony (Samoa) Raphael Tautia (French Polynesia), Patrick Delahaye (SPC)


Front row, left to right: Leon Toomata (Samoa) Taiana Raoulx (French Polynesia), Sifa Fukofuka (SPC), Mose Topeto (Samoa), Iosua Taavao (Samoa), Livigisitone Moli (Samoa)






Left to right: Malo Hosken and Siosifa Fukofufa (SPC), Kevin Kysekup and Manoi Kutan (Papua New Guinea), Benaia Barau (Kiribati) and Andrew Jones (Cook Islands)




Using the biological sampling form




Stomach, muscle, liver, gonads and dorsal spine samples placed in appropriate size bags and rolled up in a convenient way for storage and inventory




Working on tags recovery scenarios

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