Pêche, Aquaculture et Ecosystèmes Marins



The week comprised various seminar presentations and practical workshops. The presentations were conducted at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission’s conference room. The training outlined the type of biological information and samples that could be collected by observers and their use in scientific assessments, and detailed also the fundamental importance of quality tag recovery data. The practical workshops taught participants skills for identification and collection of suitable biological samples such as stomachs, gonads (sexual organs) and livers. The most challenging part of the training was mastering different otolith extraction techniques. Otoliths are small bones present inside the head of the fish situated in identifiable cavities. Depending on whether or not the fish needs to be kept in good condition and whole for market purposes, different techniques can be used to extract them, such as drilling or using cutters or a saw. Otolith analysis produces information on the growth rate of the fish, which is of great importance for fisheries management.


Luen Thai Company, based in Pohnpei, supported the workshop by providing tuna heads as well as a facility in which to hold the practical workshops. As the week passed, the observer trainers and other participants showed growing interest in marine biology subjects and showed great skills to further continue in developing abilities to deliver such training to future observers.





Top row: Elton Clodumar (Marshall Islands [MI]), Ramon Kyle Aliven (MI), Steve Peter (FSM), Glen English (Papua New Guinea [PNG]), Jensin Lebehn (FSM)

Front row: Caroline Sanchez (SPC New Caledonia), Benaia Bauro (Kiribati), Kevin Kisekup (PNG), John Still Vili (Solomon Islands), Manasseh Avicks (SPC FSM), Malo Hosken (SPC New Caledonia)


For more information, please see documentation or  contact Caroline Sanchez, Fisheries Technician - Coordination of tag recovery and tag seeding


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