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How does it work?

In order to export marine products, private companies must apply to the relevant fisheries authorities for an export permit. The authorities assess the request, and then validate and issue the permit or reject the request. The database allows this interaction to be done via the internet. It also stores essential data to help the authorities in their decision making.


The database is hosted on SPC’s web server, and is accessible to registered users. Users from fisheries departments can define export permit types, choose which companies can submit requests for each permit type, edit, validate or reject permit requests, and get detailed reports on national exportations. Export companies may request export permits or edit requests, follow up on their application, and get reports on quantities and values exported per type of product. In the future, the system will also provide modules for packing lists and inventory management.


Training and feedback

While in Vanuatu, Franck Magron also carried out training in using the tool for Fisheries Department staff. Key roles include an administrator who can create and modify permit types and user rights; and a data clerk who checks permit requests and can create and edit permits before submitting to the authorizing officer, who makes the decision on the permit. Export company staff also received training. By the end of the training session, both groups were successfully using the database, and permits were being processed.


Export permit workflow:





During the training, participants from both the Fisheries Department and the export companies suggested new features for the tool. The database is now in a trial phase, and users’ feedback and suggestions are continuing to be used to improve the tool. The system will be made available to other SPC member countries and territories during the coming months.



 For more information, please contact Franck Magron, SPC’s Reef Fisheries Information Manager.



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