Pêche, Aquaculture et Ecosystèmes Marins


 Trainer from Hawaii, National Marine Fisheries Service observer programe conducted the Species of special interest identification and turtle mitigation. Vanuatu Maritime College will conduct the sea safety, fire fighting, first aid and radio communication modules.


On completion of the course, participants will go to work as observers, deployed at sea on tuna longline and purse-seine vessels that fish in their respective national exclusive economic zones.


The knowledge and skills that they learn during the course will enhance their effectiveness during their long voyages at sea.


As a complement to the training, it is anticipated that each observer will undertake observer trips over the years on each gear type, with full debriefing at the end of each trip. The aim is to improve the quality of their collection of data – which is the ultimate objective for this training.


SPC and FFA have trained over 120 observers in subregional and national courses in SPC/FFA member countries in 2011 alone.


For more information, please contact Siosifa Fukofuka, Observer Training and Support Officer.

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