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The objective is to document the activities of observers working on purse seiners in a 30 minute video that can be used in the training of Pacific Island fisheries observers within the framework of Pacific Island Regional Fisheries Observers (PIRFO) training standards. At its Regular Session in 2008, the members of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) agreed to increase the  observer coverage of purse-seine fishing vessels to 100% and observer coverage of longliners to 5%. Some 300–400 new observers will be required before 2012 and SPC will continue to be involved in the national and sub-regional training programs. The objective is for observers to collect a broad range of data on the vessels’ activities, which can then be used for research and compliance purposes.


Yee’s video footage will document an experienced PNG observer’s normal day at sea, during which he performs all observer duties and responsibilities. Subjects to be covered include setting procedures, fishing activity, fishing gear and electronics, observer safety, brailing, sampling protocols, vessel documentation, species identification, data collection forms, interviews of crew and captain, and various routine reports. As of January 2011, this video tool will be available to improve the observer training conducted by SPC and its member countries and territories. This project is organised by SPC, with the financial support of the SciCOFish project, which is funded by the European Union.



For more information, please contact Siosifa Fukofuka, Port Sampling and Observer Trainer

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