Pêche, Aquaculture et Ecosystèmes Marins

Being M. Yeeting, SPC Fisheries Scientist for Finfish, organised the survey plan and led the survey team in its assessments of selected sites around Pohnpei. The team used two boats with a team of four divers on each boat.


The knowledge and experience of the local officers – all competent divers – was quite impressive. The weather was mainly calm, which was lucky for the time of the year. Though the wind blew on the last two days, the team had already completed the survey of the windward sites and the remaining sites were in sheltered leeward areas.


The survey was successfully completed as planned, with approximately eight sites surveyed each day, for a total of 14 sites in the lagoon, 14 sites on the windward side of the island and 14 sites on the leeward side.


The data will be processed and the results of the survey will be provided to the Pohnpei State Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture to assist them in making informed decisions on the further development and management of Pohnpei’s aquarium fish resources, with the goal of ensuring sustainable incomes over the long term and maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.


For more information, please contact Being Yeeting, Fisheries Scientist (finfish)

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