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Over three weeks , from 18 October to 5 November 2010, he worked with Being Yeeting, SPC Fisheries Scientist for Finfish, learning how to use the SPC Reef Fisheries Integrated Database (RFID), entering survey data, cleaning data and running analyses: all of the Pohnpei aquarium fish survey data were entered cleaned and the analyses were done. This allowed the interpretation of results, the extraction of useful information and calculation of stocks of important fish species and tabulating these into tables and figures for easier visual reading.


Franck Magron, SPC Reef Fisheries Information Manager, was also able to spend some time with Itaia, guiding him through the basics of Geographic Information System (GIS) and the related MapInfo software and their use to develop and maintain databases for finfish monitoring that is relevant, for example to clip and map out areas of interests, and calculate reef area, for in-country monitoring programmes.


Itaia and Being together were able to complete the write up of a draft Pohnpei State marine aquarium resources survey report which discusses the results of the survey and provides recommendations for the future development and management of the industry based on the available resource.

The FSM Officer will submit the report to the FSM Department of Resources and Development and the Pohnpei State Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture for comments before the report is finalised and is formally submitted to the Pohnpei State Government for consideration of further developments of the industry if they want to


With this SciCOFish project support, funded by the European Union, there is no doubt that the skills acquired by Itaia Fred will be of great benefit for FSM: he will be able to convert himself as a trainee‘s trainer for data analysis, in a self-governing in-country monitoring programme objective. This is summed up nicely in Itaia’s own words in a message he send back to SPC as follows:


“I am more confident in undertaking future assessment surveys and other related activities in terms of our marine resources and species thereof. So thank you very much for the tremendous assistance and information you shared and provide during the training while I was in Noumea.”




For more information, please contact Being Yeeting, Fisheries Scientist (finfish)

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