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brochure_photoThe DevFish2 project overall objective is to increase the contribution from the sustainable use of highly migratory marine resources, particularly tuna, to the alleviation of poverty in Pacific states. It promotes the establishment of a more favourable policy environment for tuna industry development in Pacific countries, including the small scale component. It will provide direct assistance to small and medium enterprises in the sector as well as artisanal fishers and also build a region-wide IUU deterrence strategy, utilising the results of initial monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) studies in building robust and cost-effective regional capabilities to combat IUU fishing. Read more.


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The reference documents concerning the DevFish first phase are available here.

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Fish bags trialed as an alternative to eskies for tuna fisheries

bags1The start of Kiribati Fish Limited (KFL) operations in 2012 opened up a guaranteed fish market for Tarawa-based local fishermen. Unfortunately, however, local Kiribati fishermen have a problem catching big tuna (10 kg and up.) It is challenging to them, both in terms of selling at roadside markets and fitting such big fish into the standard ice bins (eskies) that all the fishermen’s boats have on board.


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Nearshore FAD support to Atauro Is, Timor Leste

In July 2013, Secretariat of Pacific Community(SPC) provided technical support in rigging and deploying three (3) artisanal nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs) or ‘rumpon’ at three sites along the east coast of Atauro Island in Timor Leste. Atauro Is is 22 nautical miles north of Dili and has a population of about 10,000 people who are mostly artisanal fishers and subsistence farmers.

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 The FAO brochure on FAD translated in Tetum for Timor Leste by DevFish2



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Training for Kiritimati local fishermen to catch exportable tuna

training1The EU-funded DevFish2 project that SPC implements organised a training workshop on small fishing operations (SFO) from 22 May to 3 June in Kiritimati Island, Kiribati.


The two-week intensive training focused specifically on mid-water fishing techniques, fishing gear construction, onboard fish handling, preservation skills, basic sea safety and basic awareness about fishing as a business. The training was facilitated by William Sokimi of SPC. Ritang Ubaitoi from Kiribati Fisheries Training Centre (KFTC) and Tekamaeu Bureieta from the Kiribati Fisheries assisted.

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