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brochure_photoThe DevFish2 project overall objective is to increase the contribution from the sustainable use of highly migratory marine resources, particularly tuna, to the alleviation of poverty in Pacific states. It promotes the establishment of a more favourable policy environment for tuna industry development in Pacific countries, including the small scale component. It will provide direct assistance to small and medium enterprises in the sector as well as artisanal fishers and also build a region-wide IUU deterrence strategy, utilising the results of initial monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) studies in building robust and cost-effective regional capabilities to combat IUU fishing. Read more.


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The reference documents concerning the DevFish first phase are available here.

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Tuna thieves and Pacific countries: an update on illegal tuna fishing

IUUIllegal tuna fishing, distant and invisible, can seem to have little real impact. Yet Pacific people, whether leaders or ordinary citizens, are aware that a lot of tuna is quite simply stolen from their territorial waters by illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).


Essential issues for Pacific nations

Tuna fisheries are managed under strict regulations: the national fisheries agencies issue limited numbers of licences to vessels, permitting them to fish in their territorial waters in compliance with the relevant regulations.

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DevFish2 project continues support for capacity building in small scale tuna fisheries


fad_pictureThere is continuing interest in Pacific Island countries and territories in strengthening capacity in the area of small scale artisanal tuna fishing. One way to do so is through the wider deployment of nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs). The DevFish2 project (Development of Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in Pacific ACP Countries – Phase 2) continues to support such capacity-building efforts in this area.


Funding from the DevFish2 project allowed the President of the Cook Islands Fishing Association, Mark Vaikai, to attend the Second International Symposium on Tuna Fisheries and Fish Aggregating Devices, held in Papeete from 29 November to 2 December 2011.

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MCS Training Needs Analysis in support of the Regional MCS Strategy 2010-2015

FFA needs to undertake an MCS (monitoring, control and surveillance strategy) Training Needs Analysis (TNA): a systematic analysis to identify MCS training requirements for members and recommend the most effective means of meeting those requirements.


The MCS TNA is funded by the EU project DEVFISH II.


Submission of proposals responding to this invitation should be received by 5pm on the 7th September, 2011. (Solomon Islands time and date).


For more information, please see the terms of reference.

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Papua New Guinea national consultation on fisheries

PNG_juneThe DevFish2 project participated in the 2011 Papua New Guinea (PNG) Fishing Industry/National Fisheries Authority (NFA) consultation, in Port Moresby on 6-7 June 2011. Hugh Walton, DevFish2 Team Leader from the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and Jonathan Manieva, Fisheries Development Officer from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) attended this national industry-focused consultation.


The meeting was part of a regular national consultative dialogue between PNG’s commercial fisheries industry and NFA on management and development issues. The theme for this session was ‘Effectively addressing issues and challenges in managing & developing the fishing industry’.

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